Theory and Policy Studies in Education| OISE/UT | University of Toronto


Come and learn about pressing issues facing
our publicly funded education systems

Publicly funded, equitable and accessible education is the foundation
for building and sustaining a just and democratic society.

Recent cuts to public funding in education compounded by new trends in the privatization, commercialization and commodification of education systematically undermine our commitment to create and sustain equitable as well as affordable access to outstanding educaiton for all Canadians.

We need to come together as educators, students, parents, union members, ordinary citizens, and members of marginalized groups to share ideas on how to build coalitions capable for promoting, protecting and strengthening our publicly funded education systems. Public education is an indispensible requirement for the existence and development of an active and engaged citizenry prepared to address concerns, which matter to all and to defend the public space in which these concerns can receive widespread attention and in-depth discussion.

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